“Winemaking is much more than just knowing how to crush grapes and ferment them. There’s an art to it, and skills that must be developed over many years in order to produce excellent sparkling wines.”

– Juergen Grieb, Head Winemaker

Sparkling wine differs greatly from still wine, in that it requires more skill and attention from the winemakers. Treveri’s sparkling wines are all made in the traditional method (Méthode Traditionnelle), which is the same method used in Champagne, France, to produce Champagne. In this method, there is a secondary fermentation that takes place in the bottle, usually over a period of three or more years. During this time, the natural sugars in the wine are consumed by yeast, creating natural carbonation. This differs from Charmat or Bulk sparkling wine production methods, where the carbonation is either injected into the wine to make it fizzy, or the carbonation is introduced via a pressure tank.

Great sparkling wine begins with great fruit, and this is certainly true for Treveri. With complete control over the farming practices of our estate fruit, as well as close collaboration with our growers, we are able to source and grow the highest quality fruit that showcases the unique terroir of the Yakima Valley. During harvest, our winemaking team personally checks each vineyard and grape sample to ensure the fruit is at optimum sugar level for harvest. 

With winemaking and sparkling winemaking degrees from Germany, and with years of experience in the industry, Juergen, alongside his son, Christian, have worked to marry Old World techniques with New World fruit. Together they continue to produce some of the finest sparkling wine in the country.